Chickens, eggs & lots of swimming

Daughter in our French cottage swimming pool

I don’t know about you but I’m not great with really hot weather. Yet I also yearn for it, hence choosing to move down to a very sunny part of France, la Dordogne.

Today, the temperature will get to 29 degrees – yikes! Luckily for Charlotte, we have a lovely pool to dip into. This photo is from May…the week had been rather thundery and stormy, yet as soon as the skies cleared, my daughter was jumping into the still-fairly-cold water with such glee on her face…we really are fortunate to live in such a beautiful location.

April brought lots of showers and storms…resulting in two of the pool covers hurling themselves into the air and smashing down on various parts of the lawn and terrace, with one just narrowly missing my car! 

Still waiting for the police to get back to me about RumTum & Luna, our two cats who were stolen from us, and our various furniture items that went missing too.   Have been told the dossier can take up to a month to be transferred to the gendarmerie in the area where the two thieving ‘ladies’ are now living. A month! I offered to drive it to the new station myself in a day but alas no, of course, there are procedures that must be followed to ensure processes take as long as possible ūüėČ

In the meantime we are busying ourselves with 3 new chickens who started laying eggs a few weeks ago. Suddenly having 21 eggs each week is wonderful, especially as it means we can give out boxes of 6 to friends we like,, or to people we’d like to befriend! It’s quite hard living here sometimes because the onus is always on you to make the effort to get to know people. I always think that most people have their lives sorted out by now; they have their friendship groups, their hobbies, their routines etc and don’t necessarily have the time nor inclination to move out of their comfort zone and get to know someone new. 

Back to our chickens Fluffy, Oreo and Speedy: we think it was Speedy who gave us a monstrously enormous  egg a few days ago…once we pluck up the courage to cook it I’m not sure how many yolks we’ll find! 

And on that note, I’d like to say….that’s all, yolks!


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