Excite the minds of your students with interactive videos, fun topic worksheets & live online sessions

Revision exercises
Go through the worksheet exercises in groups or individually, then learn the vocabulary on the back
Engaging videos
Watch short videos that introduces topic-related vocabulary, with chances to practice and repeat throughout
Lively groups
Practice the French topics online led by one of our team. We'll watch the video together, practice the new words together in fun & engaging ways & revise past topics with quizzes & games
Vocab-enhancing songs
Most topics have their own related song created by Little French Club to help children learn the vocabulary and understand its use
Step-by-step guide
Start conversations, practice the vocabulary, & play the games with the help of our Teacher's Manual. A comprehensive how-to manual packed with ideas, games & for every lesson
Use our materials!
All our resources can be sent to you by email for you to print off, or in the post

Log in with your group for 45 minutes each week & we'll watch a video, play with new French words & try out a worksheet 

You'll also receive a manual to follow along with the session

New for 2024!

New for 2024!

Once a month, your pupils can speak to real French children living in France!  

Your pupils will love the experience of putting their French into practice and bringing the language to life.

10 different teenagers smiling and looking at the camera
schoolchildren can learn French online
3 primary school pupils holding folders

We have everything you need to start offering French at your school today

– except for someone to sit with the pupils in the classroom, as we’re based in France!

Our resources will help your students shine

Your pupils will log on for 45 minutes each week to watch a video, practise new French words  & try worksheets.
There’s a detailed manual to help you follow along, some topics songs & all resources are easily printable.